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BRITE PEBBLES - Natural Pebble Pool Finish

Brite Pebbles is a pre-blended extremely durable exposed aggregate pool plaster. Brite Pebbles is a blend of select natural pebbles and fortified Portland cement ideal for new or re-finished swimming pools, water parks, commercial swimming pools, lazy rivers, fountains and spas.

The high-quality cement with premium additives strengthens the finish by increasing hardness, reducing water penetration and improving bond strength. There is NO marble used in the plaster formula. Unlike pebbles, marble is susceptible to highly corrosive chemicals. Pebbles are completely insoluble and produce long term elegant, slip-resistant surface. Download Technical Sheet of Brite Pebbles here.

Customize your Swimming Pool

The difference begins with the Brite Pebbles finish... Our unique process retains its original finish even after years of exposure to nature elements. It is the result of rapid advances in pool coating technology. You are limited only by your imagination.

Brite Pebbles Colour Selection

Stone River

Blue Lake

Beach Sand

Pebble Size Selection

Advanced Concrete Technologies pebbles
Pebbles 0,8 - 1,2 mm

Advanced Concrete Technologies pool plaster

Pebbles 1,4 - 2 mm

Advanced Concrete Technologies pool plaster

Pebbles 2 - 3 mm

We take care of your comfort and safety. You’ll have an added sense of security knowing that your pool is comfortable and slip-resistant, ACT selects the finest mixture of natural pebbles, so the surface is very comfortable to bather’s feet.  
Brite Pebbles is the ideal surface where wet, slippery conditions are a concern. 

We always strive for the highest quality materials for our products to make the ACT pool finish your favorite and frequently used. That's why we work with expert laboratories and optimize our products for easy installation and long-term reliability. We publish the test results here.


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