ACT s.r.o.

First European Pre-blended Pool Finish

ACT pool finish

Our unique pool plaster opens a new era of building swimming pools in Europe and around the world. The owners appreciate the possibility to design the shapes, functions and surfaces of their concrete or styrofoam pools.

We offer a revolutionary solution for both small private pools and extensive commercial bay complexes. Of course, there is a variety of attractive colours and a non-slip surface with a pleasant touch and look. The selected pool plaster with crystals or stones directly affects the colour of the water in the pool and the atmosphere of your relaxation zone. Our plaster is made from pure natural materials.

There’s more to a great pool finish than meets the eye. A great pool finish is durable, comfortable, easily maintained and enhances your poolscape environment. Brite Crystals and Brite Pebbles are all that and more. Both pool finishes stand up to the harshest pool environments while providing years of enjoyment.