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Swimming pool finish Brite Crystals

Brite Crystals is a pre-blended durable swimming pool and spa finish, that is a unique blend of silica aggregate, insoluble coated silica aggregate and polymer-modified cement. It was developed to answer both the consumer and contractor’s demand for a longer-lasting and more colourful pool finish.

There is NO marble used in the plaster formula. Silica aggregate, unlike marble, is completely insoluble, even in the presence of highly corrosive acid. High premium polymer-modified cement used in Brite Crystals increases hardness, improves bonding and reduces water penetration.

Brite Crystals is suitable for all pools and spas, including major water theme parks, lazy rivers, international resorts, competition pools, commercial and residential pools throughout the world. Download Technical Sheet of Brite Crystal here.

Express Yourself with Colour

Let your pool or spa be a reflection of you.  Brite Crystals can give you a wide variety of factory-blended finishes so it is easy to coordinate your pool’s colour scheme. Brite Crystals’s insoluble quartz aggregate is unaffected by the harshest pool chemicals and resists permanent staining.

Brite Crystals Colour Selection




Anti-slippery pool surface
We take care of your comfort and safety. You’ll have an added sense of security knowing that your pool is comfortable and slip-resistant, ACT selects quartz aggregates that are smaller than pebble surfaces, the surface is comfortable to bather’s feet.  
Brite Crystals is the ideal surface where wet, slippery conditions are a concern.

We always strive for the highest quality materials for our products to make the ACT pool finish your favorite and frequently used. That's why we work with expert laboratories and optimize our products for easy installation and long-term reliability. We publish the test results here.


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