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Plaster trowels from ACT

We created premium plastering trowels with the ergonomic designs that will support you in your work. When a pool trowel is perfectly crafted for its end use, you find out just how easy it is to work smarter, not harder.

With the demands of working with pool plaster, it’s nice to know that our ergonomically designed trowels will make plaster application much easier. Our ACT trowels are made in Germany.


In case you need advice on choosing ACT Premium Pool Trowels, that are the most suitable for the plaster application. Do you want to order our plaster trowels?  Please contact us.

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ACT Premium  Pool Trowels
with BiKo GRIP® CORK

code         cm          inches Retail price
(no VAT)


20 x 7,6 cm

8 x 3 inch 

  40.00 €



   36 x 10 cm

14 x 4 inch

45.00 €



46 x 10 cm

18 x 4 inch

50.00 €



 56 x 11,5 cm

 22 x 4 1/2 inch

75.00 €

Visit our Installation Guide section to get more technical info about surface preparations and plaster applications. We also offer you the profesional Installation training at your site.